The way we work

OSD offers working procedures that allow a transparent and open routine, all the way from problem analysis and problem definition to implementation. During this process the client plays an important role.

A consulting assignment starts with accurate analysis and definition, followed by procedures that are proposed and specified in consultation with the client.
During this process the following four consecutive phases can be distinguished :

This phase covers the study of the technical and economical feasibility of the various solutions of a project and often involves conceptual design studies, computer simulations or model testing.

This phase includes the preparation of detailed specifications, definitions of operational use, basic cost estimates, project schedules

The synthesis of basic engineering and innovative solutions is the feature of this phase, resulting in calculations, drawings, specifications and budgets. Sometimes prototypes may be developed and utilized to allow the client an optimum judgement at an early stage. Preparation of tender documents, pre-qualification procedures and tender evaluation can be included as well.

Involvement of OSD in this phase may consist of practical implementation with services ranging from overall project management, supervision and training to the preparation of manuals, operating procedures and operational support on site.