Production Design/Detail Engineering | Offshore Ship Designers

Production Design/Detail Engineering

3D Modeling

  • Hull Structure
  • Pipelines
  • HVAC
  • Equipment
  • Mechanical Parts (Winches, Cranes, Anchors, Rudders etc.)
  • Outfitting


Workshop Documentation

  • Lines Fairing and Offsets Table


Hull Structure Unit/Block Drawings

  • Including:
  • Structure Details,
  • Shell Expansion
  • Profiles Process Information
  • Bending Information
  • Bill of Materials
  • Pinjigs
  • Nesting
  • NC Files



  • Equipment Arrangement and Detail Positioning
  • Foundation of Equipments
  • Guidance/Manuals for Important Equipment Installation/Testing


Piping Layout of Systems


  • Pipe Routings
  • Penetrations
  • Bill of Material
  • Spool/Assembly Drawings




  • Ventilation Duct Routings
  • Penetrations
  • Bill of Material
  • Spool/Assembly Drawings


Internal Outfitting


  • Cabin Arrangement
  • Lining, Panel and Ceiling Arrangement
  • Insulation and Deck Covering
  • Fixing Details


Deck Outfitting


  • Positioning
  • Foundations
  • Installation
  • Co-ordination Drawings


Electrical, Communication and Navigation


  • Equipment Arrangement and Detail Positioning
  • Connection Diagram of Systems
  • Main Cable Routings
  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Penetrations
  • Bill of Cable
  • List of Supports and Fixing

OSD Shanghai processes the production design with 3D structure and pipe/equipment model to help the job of layout and check the interference in between.

OSD Shanghai can also provide the 3D model to clients for flying into to check further before actual construction.