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IJmuiden, 21/06/2018 12:00am

Offshore Ship Designers adopts OSD-IMT as name for entire group

New name leverages quality and aligns company in a single brand name   Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) announced today that it has changed its company name to OSD-IMT. The... Read more ››


Japan, 07/03/2018 12:00am

Series of ten IMT984 PSV's for Swire almost completed

IMT984 PSV’s “PACIFIC GRIFFON” and “PACIFIC GROUSE” were delivered to Swire Pacific Offshore in January and February. These are the 7th and 8th vessels of a series of... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 06/03/2018 12:00am

New series of Ice Class vessel designs

Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) has unveiled a new series of Ice Class vessel designs. The new designs are especially suited for marine services around the development of... Read more ››


Leam Chabang, 12/12/2017 12:00am

Video: First of two IMT7001 Utility Vessels for Unithai launched

The first of two 80 tonnes bollard pull IMT7001 Offshore Utility Vessels, designed by Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) for Unithai Offshore Ltd, Thailand was launched at Unithai Shipyard... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 04/10/2017 12:00am

Ark Shipping takes delivery of shallow draft AHTS for Caspian operations

A new shallow-draft anchor-handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel designed by Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) has been delivered to Russian inland waterways operator and offshore logistics service provider, Ark... Read more ››


Ho Chi Minh City, 28/06/2017 12:00am

IMT2001 Research Vessel for TORI launched

The IMT 2001 Scientific Research Vessel for the Taiwanese Ocean Research Institute (TORI) has been launched in May this year.  The vessel is still under construction at Triyards... Read more ››


Dundee, 26/06/2017 12:00am

IMT7001 Utility Vessels building for Unithai

OSD has announced a contract for two 80 tonnes bollard pull IMT7001 Offshore Utility Vessels for Unithai Offshore Ltd, Thailand. The vessels will be used for a... Read more ››


Rotterdam, 18/05/2017 12:00am

Joint presentation OSD and RH MARINE during Tugnology 2017 in Rotterdam

During Tugnology 2017 on May 24th, Haijo van der Werf (Business Development Manager at Offshore Ship Designers) and Walter van der Pennen (Portfolio manager Hybrid Energy at RH... Read more ››


Dundee, UK, 15/03/2017 12:00am

OSD finds right solution for dredger conversion

Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) has extensive experience in ship conversion. One of the latest conversion projects was a dredger conversion for Kendall Brothers. OSD was approached by Southampton... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 16/01/2017 12:00am

OSD Azistern tugs delivered to Mextug in Mexico

Tug boat operator Mextug – part subsidiary of Chilean operator Ultratug - has taken delivery of two Azistern2460 tugs, designed by Offshore Ship Designers. The particular advantage of... Read more ››


Aberdeen, 22/08/2016 12:00am

Second IMT958 Field Support Vessel enters service with North Star Shipping

The second of two IMT958 Offshore Supply, Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels “Grampian Freedom” was delivered by Astilleros Balenciaga, Zumaia, Spain to Craig Group North Star Shipping in... Read more ››


Jiujiang, China, 18/08/2016 12:00am

COSL takes delivery of second IMT965 SSV Hai Yang Shi You 771

At a ceremony in Tongfang Jiangxin Shipyard on the 18th August the second of two IMT965 Seismic Support and Service Vessels “Hai Yang Shi You 771” was... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 23/05/2016 12:00am

OSD introduces low-emission hybrid Azistern e-tug

Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) has designed a powerful, low-emission compact e-tug to further augment its Azistern series of vessels. Among other roles, the vessel is perfectly equipped to... Read more ››


Dundee, 11/02/2016 12:00am

IMT2001 Research Vessel for TORI

OSD-IMT signed a new contract for an IMT2001 Scientific Research Vessel for the Taiwanese Ocean Research Institute (TORI). It will be used for supporting longterm oceanographic observation programs... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 09/02/2016 12:00am

OSD develops new series of multipurpose tractor tugs

Offshore Ship Designers has designed a new series of high-performance tractor tugs which can be used for a wide range of functions, including escort operations, harbour towage, ship... Read more ››


Spain, 27/11/2015 12:00am

IMT958 Grampian Freedom launched at Balenciaga Shipyard

A brand new IMT958 Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV), the Grampian Freedom, was launched on Thursday 26 November at Balenciaga Shipyard in Spain. The event  took place... Read more ››


Great Yarmouth, UK, 18/09/2015 12:00am

OSD develops new ETV for Gardline

OSD  is working on the design of a 67m DP2 ETV for Gardline Shipping which is being built at Yuexin Shipyard in China. OSD-IMT has been... Read more ››


Japan, 17/09/2015 12:00am

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) welcomes fourth of ten IMT984 PSV’s

Shipowner and operator, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd (SPO) celebrated the delivery of its latest OSD designed IMT984 Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Pacific Grackle on Thursday, 17... Read more ››


Jiangxi, China, 06/08/2015 12:00am

Second IMT965 Seismic Support Vessel for COSL launched

Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding has launched a deep-water exploration support ship named ‘Hai Yang Shi You 771’. The IMT965, which was designed by Offshore Ship Designers, will be used... Read more ››


Zumaia, Gipuzkoa, Spanje, 03/08/2015 12:00am

First IMT958 ERRV for Craig Group

*Shipping and energy services firm, Craig Group, has launched its first IMT958 F-Class emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV), the Grampian Fortress. * The IMT958 multi-role ERRV, designed... Read more ››


Japan, 06/07/2015 12:00am

Third newbuild IMT984 PSV for Swire Pacific

Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) has delivered newbuild PSV "Pacific Gosling" to Swire Pacific Offshore. Pacific Gosling is the third of eight OSD designed IMT984 PSV's being... Read more ››


Aberdeen, 08/07/2015 12:00am

Eight and final IMT950 delivery "Grampian Devotion" marks major milestone for Craig Group

North Star Shipping has reinforced its fleet of next generation vessels after taking delivery of its new OSD designed  ERRV, the Grampian Devotion, in Aberdeen. The latest vessel... Read more ››


Kyoto, Japan, 04/02/2015 12:00am

Swire Pacific Offshore welcomes fourth IMT997 L Class PSV

Shipowner and operator, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd (SPO) welcomed its fourth OSD designed IMT977 L Class Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Pacific Liberty at a naming ceremony... Read more ››


China, 12/12/2014 12:00am

Latest OSD-IMT designed PSV launched at Honghua Shipyard

On 9 December 2014, the brand new shipyard facility of Honghua Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment Company in Jiangsu China, launched its first ship, an IMT982 Platform... Read more ››


Singapore, 15/09/2014 12:00am

SPO names first of ten OSD designed IMT984 PSV's

Shipowner and operator Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), celebrated the Naming of Pacific Gannet, its First of ten *IMT984* G Class Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) in Japan on 12... Read more ››


Maizuru Shipyard, Japan, 21/07/2014 12:00am

SPO celebrates the naming of it's second OSD designed IMT997 PSV

Shipowner and operator, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd (SPO) celebrated the naming of its second IMT997 (L Class), Pacific Legacy in Japan on 17 July 2014.  The... Read more ››


Jiangsu, 05/06/2014 12:00am

First of two AHTS tugs for POET nearing completion in China.

The first of two IMT949 Offshore Anchor Handling Tugs “AHT VALIANT” for POET Shipbuilding & Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapore is nearing completion at Jiangsu Suyang Marine Company Shipyard,... Read more ››


Zumaia, Spain, 27/05/2014 12:00am

Latest ERRV IMT950 launched in Spain

The latest Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV), the Grampian Dynamic, was launched on Tuesday 27th of May at Balenciaga Shipyard in Northern Spain. This is the... Read more ››


Maizuru Shipyard, Japan, 03/04/2014 12:00am

Swire expands fleet with OSD designed PSV

*Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd (SPO) celebrated the naming of its first IMT997 L-Class vessel, "Pacific Leader" in Japan on Friday, 28 March 2014.* The naming ceremony... Read more ››


Dubai, 04/12/2013 12:00am

Third IMT952 Seismic Support Vessel delivered to Bourbon Offshore

*Grandweld Shipyards has completed the delivery of the OSD designed Bourbon Gannet, the third Hybrid Seismic Support Vessel type IMT952 in a series of six for Bourbon... Read more ››


Singapore, 15/01/2014 12:00am

Diesel electric multipurpose vessels for Boskalis delivered

On 15 January, during a ceremony at theKeppel shipyardin Singapore, Royal Dutch Boskalis named the multi-functional OSD designed vessels *NDURANCE *and the *NDEAVOR*. Both 99 mtr long and... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 09/09/2013 4:03pm

OSD-IMT secures seismic support vessel contracts for COSL

Offshore Ship Designers has secured a design contract for two IMT965 seismic support vessels with a bollard pull in excess of 50 tonnes for China Oilfield Services... Read more ››


Aberdeen, 06/09/2013 11:53am

Craig Group orders six new IMT vessels

Shipping and energy services firm Craig Group, has ordered six new OSD designed vessels to be build at the Balenciaga Shipyard in Northern Spain. Four D class *IMT950*... Read more ››


Zumaia, Spain, 03/06/2013 10:50am

IMT982 Grampian Sceptre launched in Spain

The Craig Group launched its latest IMT982 Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), the Grampian Sceptre, this week at the Balenciaga Shipyard in Northern Spain. Craig Group committed £50M... Read more ››


Singapore, 30/01/2013 2:15pm

OSD cooperates with IHC Merwede and Jaya Holdings

IHC Merwede has extended its product range with the introduction of a new series of IHC PackhorseTM offshore support vessels, designed by OSD-IMT, at an official launch event... Read more ››


Zumaia, Spain, 17/12/2012 3:34pm

IMT982 for North Star Shipping

The largest ship ever built by The Craig Group, an S class Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)  designed by OSD-IMT, was launched on Thursday 13th December 2012 at... Read more ››


Dubai, 11/12/2012 11:32am

IMT952 Seismic Support Vessel launched

OSD-IMT was chosen to design a series of six new fuel-efficient seismic support vessels for BOURBON, to be built at Dubai's Grandweld Shipyards. The 53 m vessels... Read more ››


Yangzhou, 30/11/2012 3:27pm

Two Azistern 2460 tugs launched

The Azistern 2460 tugs were launched in November at the Jiangsu Suyang Marine Co. Ltd shipyard in Yangzhou, China and have been delivered to their new owner.... Read more ››


Yalova, Turkey, 01/08/2012 4:24pm

50 m Shallow Draft AHT launched

The Caspian Sea and Russian rivers are a demanding environment in which Silverburn Shipping has extensive experience. Silverburn turned to IJmuiden-based OSD-Holland to produce a design for a... Read more ››


Montrose, 12/07/2012 12:11pm

OSD secures new PSV contract in China

Offshore Ship Designers UK division OSD-IMT has been awarded a contract to supply the design for a modified version of its IMT 982 Platform Supply Vessel to be... Read more ››


Montrose, 09/07/2012 12:00am

New PSV order for Swire Pacific Offshore

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) has announced the order for 6 high-specification IMT 984 3700 DWT PSVs (with options for a further 4 vessels) designed by OSD-IMT from... Read more ››


Zumaia, 25/05/2012 1:31pm

IMT950 Grampian Defiance launched

The last in the series of new IMT950 D class Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs), commissioned by Craig Group has been launched. The Grampian Defiance, the last... Read more ››


Montrose, 21/02/2012 12:00am

OSD seals ten new PSV orders

Offshore Ship Designers has sealed ten new design contracts for large diesel-electric Platform Supply Vessels for two major offshore operators building at three shipyards in Brazil, Japan and... Read more ››


Montrose, 07/02/2012 10:11pm

North Star Shipping orders two IMT-982 Offshore Support Vessels

North Star Shipping, a division of global shipping and energy services firm The Craig Group, has been awarded a major new contract with Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd. Under... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 28/11/2011 12:00pm

OSD to design low emission tug for Iskes

Offshore Ship Designers has been contracted to develop the design of a low-emission diesel-electric harbour tug for IJmuiden-based Iskes Towage & Salvage. The 32-metre loa tug will have... Read more ››


Zumaia, 18/08/2011 2:43pm

IMT950 for North Star launched

The first in a series of four new designated IMT950 emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRV's) "Grampian Don" was launched at Balenciaga Shipyard in Spain on Tuesday this... Read more ››


Montrose, 19/07/2011 9:00am

OSD to design seismic support/chase vessel series for Bourbon

Offshore Ship Designers has been chosen to design a series of six new fuel-efficient seismic support/chase vessels ordered by French offshore major Bourbon to be built at Dubai's... Read more ››


Montrose, 20/06/2011 10:26am

OSD to design Boskalis-SMIT cable laying vessel

OSD-IMT, the UK arm of Offshore Ship Designers, has been chosen by Samsung and Boskalis-SMIT Engineering to develop the basic design, detailed design and production drawings for a... Read more ››


Montrose, 10/06/2011 10:35am

9th IMT955L for Vroon delivered

On Thursday 9 June 2011, Vroon announced the delivery of VOS Vigilant The IMT955L field-support vessel VOS Vigilant is the penultimate in a series of ten IMT955L vessels... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 09/05/2011 2:38am

AHT contract for OSD Holland

Offshore Ship Designers is to design a new compact but powerful AHT offshore support vessel for Netherlands-based Neptune Marine Service BV. The order follows a recent contract for... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 10/03/2011 10:50am

Production of Azistern 2400 series started

POET (Pacific Ocean Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd) have contracted OSD to supply the design for two Azistern 24/56 tugboats. Both vessels will be build in China... Read more ››


Montrose, 19/01/2011 12:00am

Concept design Offshore Wind-Farm Vessel (WMV) launched

*Offshore Wind-Farm Maintenance Vessel (WMV) concept cuts costs and carbon* Offshore Ship Designers has launched a new offshore wind farm maintenance vessel concept which will improve uptime of deepwater... Read more ››


Spain, 11/11/2010 1:51pm

IMT948 Grampian Citadel due for delivery

Astilleros Balenciaga has completed the build of another OSD designed IMT948 Safety Standby Vessel in their shipyard in Northern Spain. Grampian Citadel is the last in the series... Read more ››


Escrick, York, 31/08/2010 12:22pm

Harnessing marine renewable energy

Offshore Ship Designer's first project in the marine renewable energy field will shortly be commencing on site trials in the UK's Humber estuary. By applying its experience and... Read more ››


Montrose, 03/08/2010 9:51am

Four new IMT950's for Craig Group

Global shipping and energy services firm, the Craig Group, has announced a multi million pound investment in four new designated IMT950 emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRV's). The... Read more ››


Shanghai, 08/07/2010 3:29pm

OSD Shanghai wins new yard contract

Offshore Ship Designers has been awarded a contract by Chinese shipyard Nanjing East Star S/Y to provide production design of two 59.25 m SSVs. The second vessel... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 27/05/2010 9:34am

Fuel saving family

The first two designs from a family of fuel saving harbour tugs have been launched by IJmuiden-based Offshore Ship Designers. The Azistern family of designs builds on... Read more ››


Spain, 19/04/2010 3:39pm

Latest IMT948 to be delivered to North Star Shipping

The Grampian Confidence, the 8th in a series of 11 IMT948 ERRV's (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel) to be delivered by Astilleros Balenciaga sailed away from the... Read more ››


Montrose, 12/04/2010 1:28pm

Two AHTS vessels IMT957 launched for Swire Pacific Offshore

During the first week of April two AHTS vessels designed by OSD-IMT were launched from Qingdao Qianjin Shipyard, China for Swire Pacific Offshore. The IMT957 designs "Pacific Papillon"... Read more ››


Aberdeen, 16/03/2010 9:17am

IMT960 Grampian Endurance completes Sea Trials

Multi-role and tanker assist and rescue vessel "Grampian Endurance", which was built at Balenciaga Shipyard in Northern Spain, successfully completed Sea Trials last week. It is now in... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 14/01/2010 4:22pm

Tough tests for Caspian anchor handler

Silverburn Shipping Group is poised to place an order for the first of a series of unusual ice breaking anchor handlers. They are specifically designed for use... Read more ››


Aberdeen, 27/11/2009 11:21am

IMT955L delivered

Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) Aberdeen, today christened its newly delivered OSD designed IMT955L. The ERRV, VOS Voyager, goes into services for TAQA Bratani Ltd. from 30 November, as... Read more ››


Singapore, 05/11/2009 1:42pm

OSD sets up in Singapore

OSD has strengthened its global network by opening a design office in Singapore. The office will provide a local liaison point for customers building ships in Asia... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 28/08/2009 2:51pm

Ice-breaking shallow draft AHTS challenge

OSD-Holland has been commissioned by Silverburn Shipping Group (SSG) to design a shallow draft offshore supply vessel with ice breaking capability. It has to be capable of worldwide AHTS... Read more ››


IJmuiden, 20/07/2009 2:40pm

Green Tug completes model tests

The Green Tug project has taken a key step forward with the finalisation of hull lines following model testing. The hull has been optimised for a 7... Read more ››


Zumaia, Gipuzkoa, 27/04/2009 9:19am

New IMT 978 launched in Spain

North Star Shipping's latest newbuild, the Grampian Talisker was launched on Friday 24th of April at the Balenciaga Shipyard in Northern Spain. The vessel was named by... Read more ››


IJmuiden, the Netherlands, 26/04/2009 3:14pm

Green Tug powers up

The power management system for the OSD-led Green Tug project has been developed. It will manage the output from two fuel cells, a bank of batteries and... Read more ››